Tuesday, July 08, 2008

gone, baby gone...

We took H to camp - church camp in the NC mountains. She moved up to a new cabin this year - Rustic. And yeehaw, it is rustic. I believe it is a converted chicken coop. Not sure. They'd had no rain at camp all summer. So far, looks like they've had 2 days of rain since H got there.

Rustic is supposed to do overnighters where they backpack in. Hopefully the rain does not cancel that out. But the lake at the camp is only about 1/2 full and cannot be used with it so low. So they really NEED the rain. But still, rainy days are liable to put a damper on things.

Packed up and ready to go:

With her cabin buddy - Kiley Jane

In Rustic Cabin: (looks pretty rustic)

Saying goodbye to mom and dad:

Have a fun week sport. We miss you.