Tuesday, July 01, 2008

lost and found...

Hannah called this morning.
"Momma, did you put my name inside my cleats"
When Hannah got back from the fields/practice last night, her cleats were not in her bag.
She went to one of the coaches and described them. Yes, they'd found a pair of nike cleats with red swooshes but someone already claimed them.
And no name in the shoes.
It seems I sent Hannah off to camp and did not put her name on ANYTHING. We actually were in the dorm and went out to the car for a sharpie and put her name on her ball.....and forgot everything else.
"okay, I will go and see if the girl that claimed them made a mistake"
"Let me know and I will get you some new cleats and bring them to you"
She called back at lunch - had her cleats back, the other girl had made a mistake.
Phew, worked out ok.