Thursday, July 03, 2008

home again..

Hannah is home from soccer camp. No pictures though. Dead batteries. Ack.

The fridge died wed. am before we went to get her. Luckily we had a nearly empty one on the basement to hold us over. Sears will be here Saturday to replace the compressor. At first they said Tuesday. Excuse me? Six days without a fridge, are you kidding me? Well, for an extra $10, they will come Saturday. Fine, come Saturday. I am not too happy that my less than 4 yr old fridge has now died on my twice. Not happy at all.

Tomorrow - fourth of july parade in the am then we are going to Hickory to see the Crawdads (minor league baseball) play with fireworks after the game. Something we have never done before.

Saturday - wait for the sears man then a birthday party for Chris' friend Joe - one of the Lexington Mafia that he grew up with.

Sunday - church then take Hannah to the mountains for church camp.

So, another busy weekend. Happy Independence Day to all!