Thursday, November 06, 2008

another beautiful Sunday afternoon...

On Sunday, Hannah went to the Renaissance Festival with the church's middle school youth group. Chris and I met up with Keith and Cynthia and headed out on the lake. We had lunch then cruised. I believe the colors were slightly ahead of last week - gorgeous, just gorgeous. It was about 70-75 degrees which was plenty warm...till we headed home and it started cooling down.

On Tuesday, Hannah was out of school for voting - schools used for voting places. We drove to Hickory to do our back to school shopping now that it is cooler.

We both commented the entire way there and home about how amazing the colors were during the drive. I really believe this year the colors are about the best I have ever seen.

But I have noticed today - we have passed the peak - there is alot of brown appearing on the trees and lots on the ground.