Thursday, November 06, 2008

there must have been a mixup when she was born...

So, right after Halloween I asked hannah to go thru her candy and pull out all the stuff she would not eat and TAKE THE REST UPSTAIRS AND AWAY FROM ME. Yes, I know this is against my rules having her take the candy up to her loft but I figure since I am the one with the least willpower, it needs to be away from me more than away from her.

So she pulls out all the hersey bars, babe ruths, butterfingers, reeses cups, milky ways and snickers. And of course the milk duds, dots, tootsie rolls, suckers and such. But all the chocolate??? Well, not all the chocolate. She kept all the dark chocolate and the m&ms.

Hannah, I ask. What is going on? You are discarding all the chocolate. But mama, I only like dark chocolate now.

Wha?????????????? I think I have it figured out. When she was born, they mistakenly swapped her out for someone else's child. Yep, that must be it.

And yes, I do realize that in this picture I have already eaten all the butterfingers, milky way, baby ruths and snickers. {sigh}