Monday, November 24, 2008

trying to warm up...

We are back from the middle school's youth retreat at Camp Grier - Hannah's summer camp our church goes to. I had 2 girls cancel at the last minute - sick and sprained ankle. So only4 kids went. Manageable.,

We had a great time.
But it was cold. Very cold.
I slept on a lower bunk, Hannah and Madeline on the top bunks. The top was warm, the bottom cold. The girls barely needed their sleeping bags, I froze. Really.

And the meals.
Great if you are 12.
Fried chicken strips, lasagne, fried french toast strips, more chicken strips and biscuits and gravy. No fruit.
No veggies - well, barely.
Not ideal for me.

And the boys.
Boys are a pain.
The girls were good. The girls went to their small groups. The girls ate their dinner. The girls performed in the skits.
The boys did not.
Yep, boys at 12 are a pain.

We had a keynote speaker and small groups. The small groups also put on a skit and did part of the sunday church service. We sang. We ate. We got to know new people. We were cold alot. We had fun.

Here is my only picture where the boys actually let me take their picture.... and I had to promise hot chocolate to get this.