Tuesday, November 18, 2008

november is half gone...

Wow, been busy.

Hannah was confirmed at church on Sunday - so all the moms of the confirmees had to hold a post church reception. Fun.

Chris is putting a closet in one of the downstairs rooms - where the treadmill is. Lots of dust.

I've had a cold all week. Not exercising and feeling puney. Not terrible, not great.

Today is cold and the wind is howling. High temp is supposed to be 40. I can hear the wind blowing outside as I type. Up on this hill, we get some wind!

Friday I head to the mountains for a middle school youth retreat - with 7 middle schoolers. I am really hoping it warms up a little before we go....

Hmmm... time to work on a new blog header. What shall i do???? Maybe disney??

I imagine my posting will be light between now and Christmas.....but the next one will have a picture, I promise.