Thursday, April 16, 2009

spring break recap - Easter Sunday

Sunday was Easter! The easter bunny found us with a small bag full of candy (dark chocolate), earrings and some mascara. Nice easter bunny!

Sunday morning - called for a sunny day - so we hit the zoo. Once again via the metro. We arrived at 10am - opening time - and hit the pandas first. There were 3 out in the pens, 1 asleep and 2 very active.

Then we toured the rest of the zoo...but by 2pm gave up on the crowds and went to lunch. After lunch we took the metro to Union Station, walked by Fords Theater and toured the Nat. Portrait Museum. The sun was shining most of the day but it was cool - about 50 and WINDY!!

Easter stash:

I won't post a ton of zoo pictures. But here is one of the pandas:

Just one of the girlie:

Union Station

Hey, look who we ran into!

From the outside. Across the street is the house where Lincoln died, we did tour that.