Thursday, April 16, 2009

spring break recap - Saturday

Saturday morning, we hit the Metro bright and early (in the rain) to be at the Museum of Natural History which opened at 10am. We made a bad mistake and decided to do the Imax movie first since the line was short. Not a good decision. First, the Imax theater here in Charlotte is much larger and better. Second, we wasted valuable early time before the crowds really sunk in. By noon the museum was very crowded. By about 2pm we gave up and headed out into the cold rainy weather.

We walked to the Nat. Aquarium but there was quite the line there so we walked on to see the White House then over to the Washington Monument. Here the wind was howling and it was not, well, fun. Hannah bought a hat that said FBI from a street vendor to keep warm. Brr...

From there we went to the Old Post Office to go up the bell tower for a view from the rooftops. Then it was back to the hotel and away from the crowds and into the warm and dry!

Our first ride on the metro....going down.....

Inside the Natural History Museum

Just a view of the ucky weather

Looking the opposite direction:

The white house....preparations being made for the easter egg roll on Monday

Views from the top of the old post office building's bell tower - the 3rd tallest building in DC