Thursday, April 23, 2009

spring break recap - Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday was our last day - another cold and kinda rainy day. We returned to the Natural History Museum to finish it off (seeing the Hope Diamond, mineral exhibits and sea life) then went over to the American History Museum. The lines were very long for the first lady exhibit, the presidents exhibit and Lincolns. So we missed alot here. We ate lunch then went to the National Aquarium. Quite the disappointment after the Georgia Aquarium and the Charleston one and the Newport one....but Hannah wanted to say she'd been.

We finished this up then headed home. We were museumed out or we would have hit the American Indian Museum.

Wednesday we headed home - detouring to Fairy Stone State Park to check out the campground. Nice place, but really a little too far for us.

All in all DC was good. Too rainy, cold and crowded to be great. If I did it over, I would skip the things we have done elsewhere - the Zoo (been to lots), the Aquarium (very so so) and even the Natural History Museum. I would take that time and spend at the American History Museum, American Indian Museum and National Archives. And the Capital Visitors Center. Things you cannot see or do anywhere else.

So we left plenty undone - which means we can return sometime when it is not peak tourist season.

Hannah's camera battery died so she stole my camera. She liked the look of this (american history museum)

The star spangled banner:

Some of the cool minerals at the natural history museum

The hope diamond - hard to get to with the crowd and low lights and rotating display..

Another cool display

The final stop on our DC tour...

The last metro escalator back up to the streets

A few that Chris took: