Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring break recap...Monday 4/13

Monday was to be overcast and cool but not rainy. We started at the Air and Space Museum. Finally a museum that was not packed which made it much more enjoyable. We toured the entire museum and finished as the crowds were building.

Off to lunch then we walked down towards the Lincoln Memorial - stopping at the WWII memorial, Vietnam War memorial, Lincoln, Korean War Memorial then back up the mall, ending at the Capital. It was alot of walking!

It was now about 4:30 so we went into the Nat. Botanical Gardens till they closed then headed home. The gardens were pretty cool but we did not have alot of time there. Hannah and I took bunches of pictures...but I won't post all of those!

If we had known, we would have gone to the new Capital Visitors Center - we were right there! And we forgot the National Archives. Drat. We missed the Jefferson Memorial - it was just too far to walk. If the weather had been better we'd have rented bikes and toured it all that way. Now that would be the way to go, riding bikes to everything around the mall!

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Lincoln Memorial
View from the Lincoln Memorial

Botanical Gardens