Tuesday, May 19, 2009

22 and counting...

Saturday was our 22nd anniversary. That would be Chris and me. Or is that Chris and mine? Or Chris' and mine? Hmmmm....

Anyway, a quiet day. We elected to stay home and cook at the dock. I worked the church rummage sale in the am, took H to Walmart for new headphones and then we had dinner down on the dock. Begged Hannah to shoot a picture for posterity:

Flowers from the hubby:

flowers from the produce manager at Food Lion:

Hubby's are nicer! Well, the manager gave them to me since they were expiring and he is not allowed to sell them past the expiration date. But I do have a house full of flowers now!

We had planned to go to Hickory for the Hickory Crawdads minor league baseball game on Sunday but with the rain we just went to the mall then dinner.