Friday, May 15, 2009

bragging rights (again)....

Yesterday we picked Hannah up early from school to attend the Duke TIP statewide recognition ceremony at Davidson College.

Remember back in January, she took the SAT test along with high school seniors and juniors. Well, in the math section, she scored at 60% of the high schoolers and 92% of the other 7th grade Duke Talent students, qualifying her for the awards ceremony.

Can you spot her in the crowd....she is the one with a scowl on her face...

And here - that is the "please stop taking pictures" look. As if all those kids were gonna know that her mom up there with all the other 300+ moms is taking pictures of her..

Getting the medal from one of the Deans at Davidson College

heading back to her seat.

and is all done....I beg for a smile.