Wednesday, May 13, 2009

goodby old friend...

We've had this tree in our front yard. Since we built the house, it has not looked real good. I think all the concrete in the driveway was hurting the root system.

See the top up there - not good. Every wind storm we have, and we have lots, we worry about those limbs.

So we had a tree trimmer come out to lop the tops off. But he did not tell us what we wanted to hear. Unfortunately, he said the tree was dying and started peeling bark off the bottom of the tree. The peeling bark went all the way up the side of the tree. Sorry he says but if I top it, you'll just have me back to cut it down.

Now, with all that bark peeled off, it really does look bad. So we gave him the go ahead to take the tree down.

Boy did they work fast. Down it came (i was hiding behind the pickup...).

Within the hour, this was all that was left.

And by nightfall, Chris had the stumps gone. You can't even tell a tree was ever there!