Monday, May 11, 2009

mothers day...

For Mothers Day I asked Hannah to give me a photo shoot - no whining, smile at the camera, pose as I ask, wear what I want, etc.... She agreed to this especially since it would cost her nothing so we'd both get a good deal.

We agreed to divide it into 2 parts....a testing shoot then a real shoot.

I tried to set up an area in the basement but the air hockey table is in the way so i set this up in the exercise room.

Try one.....I think the background is too distracting and we cannot get far enough away to blur it with depth of field....and yes, I know it needs ironing but this is a test, right??

Try 2...okay, I guess this is not terrible. But there is shadow on the side of her face and it is hard for me to shoot and hold a reflector......

Okay, better with less of a shadow but her hair disappears into the background and yikes, the hair looks like a rats nest.

I guess I will keep on testing....but lets go with this one for the day.....