Wednesday, August 08, 2007

another story for you....

You know, it seems alot of my posts start with So.... Yes, that is a warning that there is a story to follow. So, today I locked my self out of the house in my underwear - remember that one. Anyway....

So, as you know we are hosting a young man from England - Francis - he is teaching a daily soccer camp and we are his host family. We have not had alot of time to entertain him - probably pretty boring in ol' Denver, NC.

Today, it was 102 out. After camp we had lunch and went down to the lake to swim. Francis asked if I would take a picture of him lazying on the lake to send to his mum and dad.
Sure I will and I pull out his nifty BRAND NEW little digital camera.

As I go to take the picture, hannah has to get on his raft and mess around. Hannah - get out of the way. And I take a step backwards to try and get a better shot and lean over and.....

fall into the lake from the dock. {insert snickers here}

As I am falling I try to toss the camera onto the dock. I land and they are going "are you all right??" And I am going....where's the camera????

Well, the camera did not land on the dock. We had to fish it out of the mud. Not good.

Tomorrow I will head to Hickory while Hannah is at camp to replace the camera.....the mud did it in. {sigh}

And with that....i am signing off for the week....heading to the beach...unless there is a wireless connection there, then i can fill you in on our adventures or is that misadventures....