Thursday, August 23, 2007

the beach...part 3....a full house

On Thursday am, Ashley's mom, dad, sis and a friend (Sara) came down to stay with us for the last couple of day. We had hoped they'd come for longer but work got in the way. Anyway, they arrived early thurs. am so we could spend the day on the beach. (Well kinda early since they got lost enroute.)

It was a breezier day than we'd had so far and the water was pretty rough. The girls boogie boarded, the adults played bocce ball and we all enjoyed the beach. That evening Tony and Susaan took us all to dinner - a table for eight please! We really enjoyed having the full house.

here are the four girls:

Friday's beach weather was not so great. The breeze turned into a pretty forceful wind and the water was even rougher. It was hard for the girls to go out at all, the waves were crashing hard and the current pulled you down the beach fast. Hannah had woken up not feeling well and even went up to the house to take a nap. Yikes - she must be sick! We all gave up on the beach early, showered and went souvenior shopping. Tony picked up pizza and Thai - so we ate in, packed up, and Hannah and Ashley watched High School Musical 2 - we COULD NOT miss that. Well, 2 eleven year old girls COULD NOT MISS IT.

This shot of Ashley is from Friday - the haze is from the water/mist/salt in the air. Almost looks spooky.

Here is a group shot - notice the wind is howling still. The camera almost blew off the table I'd set up for some height:

Sadly, Saturday we had to go home - and the weather was GORGEOUS. It was by far the nicest morning we had seen. The sky was crystal clear, the waves were gentle, the day was perfect for the beach. But no....we had to go. So we packed it up and before we headed out Ashley took some family shots for us (think Christmas card here).

All in all, a nice week at the beach. We loved having Ashley with us (she is a good kid!) and really enjoyed having 2 families there for a while. Mayb again next year....whattyathink Suze??