Thursday, August 02, 2007

its a sad day...

Yesterday, we came home from a BJ's trip and hannah went next door to give the doggies a bone. She came running back - mom, come quick, it's Truman, he is laying in the yard not moving.

So I ran over and yes, he was there tail thumping but otherwise just laying there breathing hard, not moving. I called Kurt to let him know - something is very wrong, please come home quick.

Kurt has been worried that Truman was not feeling well and had taken him to the vet the NIGHT BEFORE, gotten all sorts of tests, xrays, etc.. and the vet had found nothing wrong.

So Kurt was in Charlotte but headed home - but it is quite a commute. I sat in the yard with Truman, trying to get some water in him, petting him and letting him know someone was with him. No idea how long he'd been laying there before hannah found him but I sat with him for an hour and the only thing that moved were his eyes and tail.

Kurt and Chris moved him inside and Chris and I left.

Kurt told me this morning that he did not make it thru the night.

So, it will be a little tough here for a few days. They have lost both of their dogs in a few months - Cody had cancer and now Truman.