Sunday, August 19, 2007

the beach... part 1

We arrived at the beach Saturday afternoon, went to the grocery store then on to the house. We loved the little house. This year we stayed 2nd row instead of oceanfront. The walk was barely farther than across the street and since we were right on the corner, we basically walked down the steps, across the street and thru the dunes. We really loved the little house and will probably return to it again next year.

Ashely and Hannah had their room with 2 twin beds and a TV. All they needed. We unpacked then went over to Keiths for dinner. Keith's entire family had been in town for an annual family beach trip, but Sat. night it was keith and cynthia, keiths sister and husband and keith's mom. Keith's sister had her birds and kitten there so the 2 girls were entertained.

Keith promised to take the girls out for ice cream in his beach cruiser convertible called the banana boat (big yellow old time beach cruiser). Ashley comes in afterwards with chocolate splashed all over her - driving in a convertible and eating ice cream do not mix.

Sunday and monday we spent on the beach. It was great beach weather - hot, sunny, breezy. The girls spent alot of time either boogie boarding or building sandcastles. On the first day, they both got sand sores on thier bellies from rubbin sand and boogie boards so they had to board in Tshirts after that.

Tuesday, with sore stomachs, we took a day off from the beach and took the ferry over to fort fisher to see the acquarium and have lunch. After 6+ visits to the acquarium, we figure it is time to find a new off beach excursion. The ferry ride is fine but the acquarium is becoming old hat.

Later....part II...the sea turtles!