Friday, August 24, 2007

two cuts and some blonde...

Hannah and I went in yesterday to get my hair cut and highlighted and Hannah a back to school hairdo.
HollyHairdo (our hairstylist for the past few years) wanted to start with me and the color.
What do you want to do today? she asks.
Whatever you want I rely.
Holly laughs - I would make you blonde.
Yes, blonde highlights instead of red.
Hannah starts shouting - go for it Mom!
Okay, lets go blonde I tell her.
WooHoo, I am getting brave! And pretty scared. I have never been blonde. I've thought of myself as a redhead for years but the red has really faded so for the past year i have had red highlights added

Now it is Hannah's turn (while my color is setting) and she shows Holly some pictures. Hannah wants to take off some of the length - maybe 4-5 inches and add some long bangs and make it fun. So HollyHairdo gives her the "weedeater". Kinda choppy, layered ends, just past the collar bone, real choppy long bangs. Looks real cute but I wish she had gone a little shorter. Maybe next time.

Pictures to follow - we will be shooting on the first day of school. Hannah, not me.

BTW - I am not that blonde. I look sun bleached maybe. Holly backed off a little when she could tell I was starting to freak a little about being too blonde. It's ok but I think next trip I might go back to the red.