Saturday, July 11, 2009

back in the saddle again...

So we just recently returned from our trip to Montana. My family met at my brother's house in Bozeman Montana for the week - our every-other-year-get-together. Since we had never been to his house, it was very cool to check out their little spot in the world.

First, I must say IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL there. It was so green, green all up and down the valleys. The Bro lives outside of Bozeman up a canyon, then you turn off and head up another wide canyon then onto his street which has a few 10 acre ranchettes on it. The later houses are on 40 acres so needless to say - lots of open room. He is surrounded by horses, trees, canyons and views. Lots and lots of views. Can you tell I loved the views. Really made me miss the west...until I envisioned it with snow....

What did we do? Hung out and visited, cooked, hiked, shopped, went to Yellowstone, went horseback riding, Hannah had her 13th birthday and hung out some more. When you only see each other every 2 years, there is lots of catching up.

J&K (the bro and his wife) did a wonderful job sharing their home and state with us. We all had a wonderful time and fell in love with Montana.

So I am going to post some pictures of Montana over the next week and will keep this post at the top for a while - new posts on Montana will post below as I add them.