Thursday, July 09, 2009

Montana - yellowstone part 1 continued

After lunch Jim and Kris made a plan - we'd head to Old Faithful, see what we wanted there then make our way back to West Yellowstone for the night.

So we pressed on to Old Faithful, parked the cars and walked up just seconds, well maybe 1-2 minutes, before the geyser erupted. Perfect timing!

From there we walked over to the OF Inn where we saw this beauty parked out front:

We took a few minutes in the Inn to shop and rest. We then decided to do the loop walk to the Morning Glory pool and back thru a geyser basin. This ended up being about a 3 mile walk but it was quite enjoyable and we were all glad we did not skip it.

Morning Glory - the sign noted that it used to be a bright aqua blue but trash is cloggine the vent, lowering the temperature and allowing brown and yellow algae to thrive. Vandalism is clogging it up!

More geysers and views

We then left the Old Faithful area, heading back to West Yellowstone stopping at the Grand Prismatic Spring

and the Fountain Paint Pots