Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Linville Falls....

We went camping at Linville Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend. We left early Thursday morning and were at our site by about noon - giving us lots of time to set up. Hannah had brought a friend with her - I will call her M - and they spent loads of time exploring the campground on their bikes and catching minnows in the river.

And time in the camper - I believe massages were in order.

We had a nice evening dinner with grilled chicken and campfire pies (M's choice) .

On Friday morning, after a leisurely breakfast, we headed out for a hike. We did the moderate loop to the falls. One thing about Linville, there are plenty of visitors since it is a major stop on the parkway.

Then we hiked to another overlook for an additional view. See all the people in the top - that was our first overlook.

Later in the day we went to Linville Caverns and on down the Parkway to check out another campground (hated it) then on a hunt for another loaf of bread. The 5 pies that Chris, Hannah and M ate the night before used it all up! Tonight, homemade ice cream in the ice cream ball was our dessert choice. Boy did that cause a stir in the campground!

I did head down to the stream that afternoon trying to find the girls. No girls but it was pretty down there.

Saturday found us heading back to the falls. This time we did the harder loop that went around the falls and down to the bottom of them. Here's a couple of views...

Saturday afternoon was spent getting a new battery - long story - and more bacon. Once again these 2 thirteen year old girls had eaten a pound of bacon for breakfast on Friday and a pound of sausage on Saturday. I had to restock!

Sunday morning was a leisurely morning - letting everyone head out before us. We even made pies for breakfast - a real treat - after consuming all the bacon, biscuits and eggs that is.