Saturday, July 11, 2009

Montana - yellowstone part 2

Day 2 in Yellowstone. After a group photo at the Old Time Photo Studio, we were back on the road. Brother Jim at the drivers seat (of our car) and Chris and Kris on animal watch:
A better shot of the eagle's nest - the same nest as the day before:Our first sighting of buffalo - there were many more and we pulled over for most of them but this was our first real sighting.
Me shooting my family shooting 2 buffalo at the end of a long walkway above the dragon's mouth:
Hannah's creative photo:
And the bro found us a herd of Buffalo in the Hayden Valley:
And this very large fellow created quite a stir, hanging out by the side of the road:We also saw a den of coyote pups frolicking in the meadow - but my photo too blurry to post.

There were other things to see -not just animals.

Dragons Mouth:

Going down to view the lower falls of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon (that is Kris and Hannah waiving up at me)

At the brim of the falls

Looking down river:

Okay, there was so much more that we saw and did but I am dragging this out and it is getting old to the blog readers and I figure most people reading this were the ones with me on the trip anyway!

I will post some misc. photos from the trip tomorrow and call this recap complete!