Saturday, July 04, 2009

montana - part 1

We arrived in Montana on Thursday about noon. My sister and her husband (L&R) would arrive later that night, mom and dad arrived the day before.

We basically hung out all afternoon, trying to beat jet lag.

On Friday we hung out some more, Chris and I went to the store for it was our night to cook (we take turns) and the remainder of the group went to town for coffee, internet, cell phone service and to see what downtown Bozeman looks like. Chris and I cooked then most of us went for a walk around J&K's house - admiring the view.

It was a lazy day for us but we really spent it catching up, cooking, relaxing and having fun.

Roger and the dogs - well 2 of the dogs.

Hanging out at the point on Thurs evening- a nice spot close to the house.

The view from J&K's driveway. Did I mention I love all the views??

Our evening walk - this is up J&K's street. There are about 5 ranchettes past his driveway.