Monday, July 06, 2009

Montana part 3 - horseback riding

One of the things Hannah wanted to do in Montana was horseback riding. Since her birthday was Sunday we thought that would be a great day to go. Kris arranged it all for us and we all went except for mom and dad (nana and grandad) who stayed home to cook and decorate for a small birthday party after the ride.

Please note that taking pictures while on horseback is much harder than it seems. My horse, James (who I kept calling Henry) did not want to stop for picture taking. He knew his job was to stay right behind the horse in front of him and stopping was not allowed. Ornery critter.

Yee Haw. All ready to go!

Chris mounting up...

Crossing the stream...

Hannah on her mule, Sarah

Playing with Uncle J during the break

All in a line...
and the motley crew at the end of the ride.

We all enjoyed the ride but had sore bottoms for a few days afterwards. :)